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Splendor da Ciel: Music from the San Lorenzo Palimpsest


Book presentation: Florentine Music of the middle ages rediscovered

At the beginning of the 15th century a Florentine scribe completed a music manuscript with more than 200 secular Italian and French songs. After these went out of fashion by the end of the century, the music was erased and the parchment was reused as writing material for a new manuscript – this time a book to record the properties of the Church of San Lorenzo in Florence. Finally, at the beginning of the 1980s traces of the original music were rediscovered. Only through the collaboration of scholars and scientists was it possible to make visible again the original musical notation and thus to reconstruct the music collection. The outcome of this work which took many years was published recently by Andreas Janke and John Nádas, including images of the 111 reconstructed folios of the music manuscript as it was originally organised.
(52 min., German and English)

Cuneiform script: writing and calculating

Christine Proust (Director of Research at the CNRS) and Cécile Michel (Director of Research at the CNRS and Principal Investigator of Sub-project C11) show how to read and write the Cuneiform script of the clay tablets from ancient Assyria. The film was produced by the Maison Archéologie & Ethnologie.
(18 min., French with English subtitles)

Borno calligraphy: Creating hand-written Qur'an in northeast Nigeria

This documentary by Dmitry Bondarev (Principal Investigator of Sub-project A05) explores the traditional techniques of copying the Qur’an as they survive in modern-day Borno, northeast Nigeria. Filmed in Maiduguri in 2009, it gives a step-by-step insight into the process of creation of a hand-written manuscript. Discussions of format, layout and ink types are followed by the demonstration of how the consonants, vowels and divisional marks are written.
(40 min., English and Kanuri with English subtitles)