Japanese Studies
  • Variance and Change of Media in Late Medieval Japan: The Tradition of the 'Direct Instructions'(jikidan)
Chinese Studies
  • The Word of Buddha and the Intent of the Benefactor: Media Difference and Text Variance in Sutra Colophons and Votive Inscriptions of Early Chinese Buddhism (4th-7th C)
Tibetan Studies
  • The Manuscript Collections of the Ancient Tantras (rNying ma rgyud 'bum): An Examination of Variance
Sanskrit Studies
  • In the Margins of the Text: Annotated Manuscripts from Northern India and Nepal
Tamil Studies
  • Script, Print, Memory: Re-establishing the Caṅkam in Tamil Nadu
Iranian Studies
  • From Manuscript to Print: The Social and Cultural History of a Media Change in Iran during the 19th Century
Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • Arabic Didactic Poems, 11th to 17th Centuries: Variants and the Means of Controlling Them
Ethiopian Studies
  • Variance in the Ethiopian Short Chronicles Corpus (18th-20th C)
  • Computer-based Analysis of Asian and African Manuscripts