15-17 November 2012


Manuscripts in Motion

The word ‘manuscript’ will probably convey to many who hear it the image of something moldering untouched for centuries in a library. And even scholars who work regularly with manuscripts may tend to think of them as isolated and static objects. But in cultures in which they are the (or at least a) major medium for preservation and transmission of knowledge, manuscripts are typically in regular or even constant motion, be it as they are carried from one place to another by travelers; as they are studied by a scholar or passed from one scholar to another, or from teacher to student; as they are used as handbooks during ritual performance; as they are used as, themselves, the object of ritual veneration; and in many other ways. The study of the ‘life’ of any manuscript can be said to be incomplete if it does not consider its movements. In this conference, CSMC will focus on these dynamic aspects of manuscript cultures.

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