22 March 2012



Dr Mauro Nobili, CSMC/University of Naples
Dr Dmitry Bondarev, CSMC

West African Manuscripts: Encyclopaedic Dimension of Study

The workshop is set up as part of a large-scale encyclopaedic approach to the study of manuscript cultures at the CSMC. Leading experts on West African manuscripts will discuss a variety of subjects, including a discovery of a multilingual collection in Dublin, magic and talismanic manuscripts, decorative elements and their origin, watermarked paper, and Qur’anic calligraphy. The multi-disciplinary focus of the workshop will contribute to a reconstruction of the cultural and historical context for West African manuscripts.

During the workshop, the following presentations were given:

Graziano Krätli (Yale University Library),
‘The handwritten book as information aggregate: an encyclopaedic approach to the study of West African manuscripts’

Nikolay Dobronravin (St. Petersburg State University),
‘Trinity College collection of West African manuscripts, Dublin’

Constant Hamès (CNRS, Paris),
‘Les fonctions magiques et talismaniques des manuscrits de l'Afrique occidentale’

Natalia Viola (CNRS, Paris),
‘Circles, rectangles, interlaces and rugs: Islamic of African art?’

Terence Walz (Washington, DC),
‘Watermarks in West African <>Archival Collections and their significance’

Workshop Report in the Tombouctou Manuscripts Project Blog