graduate school

The integrated research training group “Manuscript Cultures“ offers doctoral candidates a structured three-year Doctorate Programme which, as part of the Graduate School of the School of Humanities, enables doctoral candidates to intensify manuscript research methods on a multidisciplinary basis.
The members of the research training group are doctoral candidates working as research associates in individual CSMC subprojects, scholarship holders promoted by the CSMC and the school of humanities or under the Graduate School Scholarship Programme of DAAD, as well as associated members.

Prof Dr Oliver Huck is Head of the research training group.

Current Dissertation Projects | Completed Dissertations

Jung Lan Bang (Indology)

A Study of the Tradition of 11th Century Śaiva Sanskrit Manuscripts in Nepal Based on the Tantrasadbhāva


Bidur Bhattarai (Indology)

Dividing Texts: Conventions of Visual Text-organization in North Indian and Nepalese Manuscripts up to ca. CE 1350


Jonas Buchholz (Tamil Studies)

currently: Researcher, NETamil

Claudia Colini (Archeometry)

Between Islamic Black Inks and Papers: Optimisation of Analytical Parameters for their Characterisation


Frederike-Wiebke Daub (Arabic Studies)

currently: Researcher, Katalogisierung der Orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen, Arbeitsstelle Hamburg

Forms and Functions of the Layout of Arabic Manuscripts of Religious Texts with a Focus on Copies of the Poem Qaṣīdat al-Burda


Max Jakob Fölster (Sinology)

currently: Researcher, Max Weber Stiftung

The Imperial Collection of the Former Han and the Origins of Philology in China: A Study of the Bielu, Qilüe and Hanshu Yiwenzhi


Marco Heiles (Medieval German Literature)

currently: Researcher, Universität Düsseldorf and RWTH Aachen

Multiple-text-manuscripts in Medieval German Scientific Literature. Studied on the Example of Geomantic Manuscripts of the Late 15th Century


Rainer Herzog (Informatics)

Retrieval of Writing Patterns Based on Optical Similarity


Andreas Janke (Musicology)

currently: Researcher, Universität Hamburg, SFB 950

The End of a Music-Manuscriptculture in Early 15th Century Italy:
Organisation of Knowledge in the Palimpsest San Lorenzo 2211


Gidena Mesfin Kebede (Ethiopian Studies)

jetzt: Researcher, Technische Universität Berlin

Multi-Language Use, Organizational Structure and Orality in Ethiopian Medicinal and Magical Texts


Andrey Klebanov (Indology)

currently: Lecturer, Kyoto University
before: Scholarship holder, Leiden University and Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient (EFEO)

The Commentaries on kāvya: Texts Composed while Copying. A Critical Study of the Manuscripts of Selected Commentaries on the Kirātārjunīya, an Epic Poem in Sanskrit


Jingrong Li (Sinology)

currently: Assistant Professor, Hunan University in Changsha (China)

Penal Law in Qin and Han According to the Corpora of Shuihudi, Zhangjiashan and Yuelu Academy


Pelagia Vera Loungi (Greek Studies)

Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics (Book I): Manuscripts and Transmission


Leif Luckmann (Sinology)

Educational texts for officials. A study on two tomb manuscripts from Qin times


Eva Maschke (Musicology)

currently: Researcher, Universität Heidelberg, SFB 933
before: Research Fellow, Universität Hamburg

Organum and Conductus Fragments Re-examined: Case Studies for a New Approach to the Notre-Dame Repertoire


Luigi Orlandi (Greek Studies)

currently: Researcher Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
before: Researcher Universität Hamburg

Writing and Philology of a Byzantine Scholar: Andronicus Callistus’ Manuscripts


Philipp Schäfer (Greek Studies)

currently: Researcher Universität Hamburg

Editio princeps of the Commentary of George Scholarios on the Nicomachean Ethics.
The Reception of Aristotle in Late Byzantium


Julian Schott (Indology)

Kāṇhapādasya Dohākoṣaḥ: Buddhist Tantric Poetry


Lena Sommer (Art History)

currently: Scholarship holder, Isa-Lohmann-Siems Foundation

Layout and Transfer of Knowledge in Two Austrian Legendaries (Heiligenkreuz, Stiftsbibliothek, Csc. 11-14; Zwettl, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Zwetl. 13-15, 24)


Thies Staack (Sinology)

currently: Researcher, Universität Heidelberg, SFB 933

Reconstructing Early Chinese Bamboo Manuscripts: Towards a Systematic Approach Including Verso Analysis


Rostislav Tumanov (Art History)

currently: Researcher, Universität Stuttgart
before: Research fellow, Isa-Lohmann-Siems-Stiftung

Published dissertation: Rostislav Tumanov Das Kopenhagener Stundenbuch: Bildprogramm und Layout im Kontext Spätmittelalterlicher Lektüre- und Andachtspraktiken (Sensus 9). Cologne 2017

Moving Through the Space of the Book: The Copenhagen Hours (Kongelige Bibliotek Denmark, Ms Thot 541 4°) and it's Pictorial Program in the Context of Late Medieval Reading and Devotion


Arne Ulrich (History)

The Normative Manuscripts of St. Gall Monastery as Mirror of Juridical Knowledge and Practice in the Early Middle Ages