conference contributions

Manuscript Cataloguing in a Comparative Perspective:
State of the Art, Common Challenges, Future Directions

Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, Hamburg
7 - 10 May 2018


During the last few decades, the study of the materiality of manuscripts (not only in codex form) belonging to European, Asian and African traditions has made significant progress, with a relevant impact on the understanding of their contents and the approaches to their scientific description. Scholars have become aware that the presentation of data in standard manuscript catalogues often does not allow to understand correctly the structure of the objects in relation to their contents, and sometimes even leads to the suspicion that their physical and historical complexity had escaped the attention of the cataloguers themselves.

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Programme and Abtracts

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Conference contributions

The conference on “Manuscript Cataloguing in a Comparative Perspective” was a rich and stimulating event. We are now looking forward to creating other opportunities to address more specifically the several methodological, technical, and operational aspects touched by the speakers in their presentations and during the lively discussions. In the meantime, as it was also suggested by some of the conference participants, we tough it would be useful to leave a trace of the many interesting achievements, projects, tools, and ideas presented at the conference, and to share them with the wider scholar community. The speakers were therefore invited to freely share a copy of their presentations, a brief summary or a richer outline of their talks, or even its whole text, etc. We are very thankful to all those who responded positively to our proposal: the materials they generously sent are available below.

E-mail addresses of the contributors

Patrick Andrist and Marialena Maniaci
Opening introduction to the conference

Patrick Andrist and Marialena Maniaci
Codifying physical features

Javier del Barco
Practices and Challenges, Old and New, in the Cataloguing of Hebrew Manuscripts

Alessandro Bausi
Cataloguing Ethiopic manuscripts: update and overview on ongoing work
Text of the presentation

Marina Bernasconi
How digital libraries may influence the description of medieval manuscripts: working with e-codices

Alberto Campagnolo
A new model for the description of the collation of manuscripts and related tools
Abstract | Presentation

Matthieu Cassin
ISMI: International Standard Manuscript Identifier.Project of unique and stable identifiers for Manuscripts
Abstract | Presentation

Nuria de Castilla
Manuscript Cataloguing in a Comparative Perspective: State of the Art, Common Challenges, Future Directions
Text of the presentation

Steve Delamarter
What is the Place of Paratextual Information in a Catalogue? The Social Lives of the Ethiopian Psalter Project
Text of the presentation

Saskia Dirkse
Introducing the Structural Visualization of Manuscripts (StruViMan): Principles, Methods, Aims and Prospects
Abtract | Presentation | Text of the presentation

Claudia Fabian
Manuscript Cataloguing in a Comparative Perspective: State oft he Art, Common Challenges, Future Directions
Presentation | Text of the presentation

Yasmin Faghihi
TEI standards for codicology
Abtract | Presentation

Emmanuel Francis
Notable Codicological and Textual Features of Tamil Palm-leaf Manuscripts left Unmentioned in Catalogues
Abtract | Presentation

Matthieu Husson
Describing contents of astronomical manuscripts: the case of astronomical tables
Abtract | Presentation

Pietro Maria Liuzzo
La ‘Syntaxe du codex’ and TEI. Models, mappings and visualization tools
Abtract | Presentation

Christoph Mackert
Between Cataloguing In-Depth and Collecting Basic, Standardized Information Current Trends in Manuscript Description in Germany
Presentation | Text of the presentation

Columba Stewart
Metadata Standards, Authority Control, and Initial Steps Toward Linked Data in a Comparative and Comprehensive Cataloging Environment
Abtract | Presentation

Timothy L. Stinson
Codicological Descriptions in the Digital Age
Presentation | Text of the presentation

Ronny Vollandt
How to navigate through a corpus of 10.000 Arabic Bible MSS with a research question in mind?