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Collection and Organisation of Literary Texts in Early Medieval Manuscripts

Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, Hamburg
11 May 2017


Manuscripts containing early medieval Formulae are witnesses of an interaction between documents of different kind, dealing with juridical matters as well as with topics intimately linked with scholarly material. This is especially the case in East Francia where Formulae are found in the context of a much more varied textual landscape than the 19th-century Edition by Zeumer suggests (this edition is obsolete and a new one is in preparation). Most of the eastern manuscripts point to an educational use; collections of Formulae are often in community with glossaries, grammar, theology and even poetry.
Based on this finding from our research project we want to explore in this workshop the organizing principles of multi-text-manuscripts with a focus on East Francia, especially in regard to the fundamental question of random accumulation vs. planned collection. The workshop will offer the opportunity to compare diverse corpora and to look for similarities and diversity. The contributions focus on the work of the collectors as well as on the finished products, the MTMs themselves. The range of topics is expanded to include MTMs of different textual genres, such as rhethorics and poetry.

Programme and Abstracts

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