15 to 19 January 2017
Training workshop in Djenné supported bu Gerda Henkel Foundation

From the 15th to the 19th of January 2017, Michaelle Biddle, collection conservator and head of preservation services in the Wesleyan University Library, conducted a hands-on training on paper humidification and leaves separation for the curators of the Djenné Manuscript Library. The workshop was organised by Maria Luisa Russo who also assisted in teaching the training courses. The workshop was a follow up on the courses taught by Michelle Biddle in the Library in November 2015. This time, the training focussed on more specialised topics, including different methods of humidification used for separation of paper leaves stuck together. These methods were demonstrated on a set of manuscripts selected from the Library’s collections. The experience acquired during the workshop will allow the library team to apply more sophisticated methods of preservation to the manuscript collections in Djenné.

29 October to 2 November 2015
Training workshop in Djenné supported by Gerda Henkel Foundation

Ms Michaelle Biddle, Head Conservator at Wesleyan University Library, conducted training in basic conservation and box making at the Djenné Manuscript Library. The training took full four days from 29 October to 1 November and a morning session on 2 November. Ms Biddle introduced a non-adhesive type of boxes made of heavy weight corrugated cardboard. More details are in Michaelle Biddle’s report. The successful outcome of the workshop is illustrated in these pictures showing the progress in box making eight weeks after the workshop.

Progress on box making in Djenné

2–9 October 2015
Workshops in Bamako on preservation, cataloguing, and digitization of West African manuscripts

From 2 to 9 October, as part of the Malian-Franco-German manuscript awareness event “Paroles de sagesse” in Bamako, CSMC organized a series of very successful workshops on conservation, cataloguing and digitization with 50 specialists and participants from ten (including five African) countries. The workshops were funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation, CSMC, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, and The Islamic Manuscript Association. A report and photographs of the event give a detailed account of the workshops.

27 July to 1 August 2015
Workshop on preservation and conservation at SAVAMA-DCI, Bamako

Ms Maria Luisa Russo and Ms Eva Brozowski organised and conducted a six-day workshop on conservation and preservation which took place at SAVAMA-DCI’s head office in Bamako. The workshop was attended by SAVAMA-affiliated technicians and one technician from IHERI-AB. The event was supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.