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The Mustang Archives and Papermaking Traditions in Nepal

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Cuneiform script: writing and calculating

Christine Proust (Director of Research at the CNRS) and Cécile Michel (Director of Research at the CNRS and Principal Investigator of Sub-project C11) show how to read and write the Cuneiform script of the clay tablets from ancient Assyria. The film was produced by the Maison Archéologie & Ethnologie.
(18 min., French with English subtitles)

Borno calligraphy: Creating hand-written Qur'an in northeast Nigeria

This documentary by Dmitry Bondarev (Principal Investigator of Sub-project A05) explores the traditional techniques of copying the Qur’an as they survive in modern-day Borno, northeast Nigeria. Filmed in Maiduguri in 2009, it gives a step-by-step insight into the process of creation of a hand-written manuscript. Discussions of format, layout and ink types are followed by the demonstration of how the consonants, vowels and divisional marks are written.
(40 min., English and Kanuri with English subtitles)