Upcoming Event


First Meeting of the European Network of Dravidian Studies

CSMC, June 26/27 2020

In a period when Indological Studies are rather dwindling than growing it is not easy to academically establish a new domain of research. Still, it is obvious, from projects funded (such as NETamil, DHARMA, TST) that the number of people interested in the study of the long-neglected Dravidian languages ‒ besides Tamil, that has a longer tradition, now also Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu, not to forget the stepchild Manipravalam ‒ is considerable. More importantly, projects and institutional efforts involve a generation of young scholars who have just defended or are pursuing their PhDs. The time has come to join forces, financially, intellectually and morally, in order to ensure the best possible education that can be had in an age when pandits are no longer available. Institutional support is meagre, and that is why it is necessary to create an infrastructure for the exchange of information, collective study and discussion.

Since the University of Hamburg has recently established a professorship for Classical Tamil and Manuscript Studies and since in consequence Hamburg currently hosts a team of a staggering seven researchers in the field, we suggest to organise a first meeting with the aim of constituting a European Network of Dravidian Studies. The basic suggestion I want to make and to discuss, as I have done already in conversation with most of you, is to extend the scope of the well-established Classical Tamil Winter and Summer Seminars into a yearly event no longer restricted to the EFEO centre in Pondicherry, but migrating through various places in Europe, among them Hamburg, Paris, Prag, Cracow, Moscow and wherever else might offer the opportunity. Simultaneously it will be necessary to widen the scope, as has already been the case in recent years, and include besides classical Tamil also classes on modern literary Tamil and on the other languages, in as far as expertise can be gained.

This first, preparatory meeting is scheduled for next year at the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures in Hamburg on 26/27 of June. The topics this time will be reports on what is going on in the various institutions from the point of view of teaching and research, fleshed out by the presentation of some large projects (such as TST and DHARMA) and some (post)doctoral schemes.

List of Participants:

  1. Suganya Anandakichenin, CSMC Hamburg
  2. Neela Manasa Bhaskar, CSMC Hamburg
  3. Giovanni Ciotti, CSMC Hamburg
  4. Jean-Luc Chevillard, CNRS Paris
  5. Daniele Cuneo, Paris 3
  6. Victor D’Avella, CSMC Hamburg
  7. Hugo David, EFEO Pondy
  8. Alexander Dubianski, Moscow
  9. Roland Fenrenczi, ELTE Budapest
  10. Emmanuel Francis, CNRS-CEIRS Paris
  11. Elisa Ganser, Universität Zürich
  12. Nikolay Gordischuk, Moscow
  13. Pavel Hons, Prague University
  14. Ilona Kędzia, Krakow University
  15. Jens Knüppel, Universität München
  16. Thomas Lehmann, SAI Heidelberg
  17. Erin McCann, CSMC Hamburg
  18. Cristina Muru, University of Viterbo
  19. Heike Oberlin, Universität Tübingen
  20. Shubha Shanthamurthy, SOAS London
  21. Margherita Trento, Naples University
  22. Uthaya Velupillai, inalco Paris
  23. Eva Wilden, CSMC Hamburg